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Muar super red arowana is it safe?


Muar super red arowana is it safe?


super red arowana is it safe?

is it safe to introduce a young Oscar to a group of 3 5.5" Oscar?
As long cant feed into the mouth should be ok
>well gee thanks
>Yes, but expect the shoving and lunging and occasional fights until they get used to their new tankmate
>well I should have put in more care
>You can try having a divider for them to get use to each other.
>Guess the existing will tend to bully the young one due to territory rights ya
>If its too small, cant hold its ground I think really quite jialat. How small is small? I think about 1 inch size diff should be ok.
>Hi, some hiding plc should be fine, also when introduced to new fish best is to rearrange the dercoration.
>if its smaller by abit I think its still possible. but u wont know until u try, no one can say for sure what would happen! if possible try to get 2 instead of just one smaller Oscar to spread the aggression. like what bro Raymond say, rearranging decorations can help too! good luck!
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